Job availability for Student Visa Holder in London 2013

First of all accept my apologies for not been able to respond and post anything from last couple of years. It was very busy few years therefore I was unable to respond to all the inquiries. Last two years were very depressing in London due to government policy changes and strict visa rules. Home Office

How to find a Job in UK

Its long time since I have written here anything becasue of my busy schedule. I was replying to one of our reader’s comment about CV and covering letter writing and wanted to forward my CV and covering. I realised may be the style and tone of my CV not work for everyone, therefore I tried


HSMP is now Tier 1 as we all know. There are still jobs for HSMP / Tier 1 holder in UK. But be careful before you arrive in UK in this credit crunch situation. If you have applied for HSMP or already have cleared your EC I strongly advice you not to Enter UK in